Pre-1900 Electives

The following courses satisfy the pre-1900 requirement for the American Studies major. For more information, see the Major Requirements.


Fall 2021

AMST 202/AFR 209: Introduction to Racial Capitalism (Ayazi)

AMST 332/AFR 347/ENV 332: (De)colonial Ecologies (Ayazi),

AMST 264: American Art & Architecture, 1600-Present (Lewis — Art History fac)

RLSP 405: Alternative American Literatures: From the Indigenous Chronicle to the Latin American & Chic. Novel (Macías Prieto — Spanish fac)

Spring 2022

AMST 342/AFR 349/ENV 349: Race, Development, and Food Sovereignty (Ayazi)

AMST 353: History of Native Science (Nelson)

AMST 401: Policing Nations: Indigenous Nations and the Carceral State (Kristjansson)