Honors Thesis and Independent Study

Any faculty member with research interests that intersect with American Studies may supervise a student research project. An American Studies major’s Honors Thesis may be a year-long project or a one-semester project (fall semester plus Winter Study). Independent Studies are 1-semester projects and can be conducted by a student in any major. Research projects¬†may consist of a conventional research paper or another mode of presentation (e.g. art, music, poetry, theater, fiction). Refer to the course catalog for more details.

If you are interested in doing a thesis or independent study, talk to a faculty member whose teaching and/or research area aligns with a potential research topic.

Key dates for full-year honors theses, 2022-2023

TBA: Initial proposal due
TBA: Revised proposal/plan of action
TBA: Progress report
TBA: Progress report and one draft chapter (or equivalent)
TBA: Thesis due
Last two weeks of classes TBD: Presentations