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In addition to hosting events, the department also awards the following prizes annually.

Kenneth L. Brown 1947 Prize in American Studies

From a fund established by his parents in memory of Kenneth L. Brown, 1947, a cash prize is awarded annually to a senior majoring in American Studies.

George J. Mead Fund

In 1951 Williams College received a substantial gift from the Estate of George J. Mead. Mr. Mead expressed in his will an intention “that this gift shall be used to improve the quality of leadership and service in all branches of government, whether Federal, State, or municipal, by encouraging young people of reliability, good sense and high purpose to enter with adequate preparation those fields of politics and constitutional government upon which must rest the future of this nation.”

A portion of this gift constitutes a Scholarship Fund that directly assists promising students with inadequate means who are specializing in political science, history, American Studies, political economy, or economics. The remaining portion, or Special Fund, is primarily intended to finance a summer intern program in government involving selected sophomores and juniors.

William Bradford Turner 1915 Prize in History

From the income of a fund given by the family of William Bradford Turner, 1914, who was killed in action in France in September, 1918, a cash prize is awarded for the best thesis or essay in the field of American history or institutions.