Hossein Ayazi

Photo of Hossein Ayazi

Visiting Assistant Professor of American Studies

Schapiro Hall Rm 202


B.Sc. University of California, San Diego, Environmental Systems/Ethnic Studies (2010)
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, Society & Environment (2018)

Areas of Expertise

Professor Ayazi teaches in American Studies, Africana Studies, and Environmental Studies. His current book manuscript, Verdant Empire: Race and Rural Economies of Containment, traces the early- to mid-twentieth century production of the plantation economy and reservation economy as objects of knowledge and governance. It focuses on how, through such constructs and concerted reforms of U.S. national and transnational natural resource policy and public administration, race liberal social scientists, philanthropists, and state officials reconstituted Black and Indigenous peoples’ liberatory struggles and visions within and beyond the U.S. nation-state into new economies of dispossession, extraction, and exploitation. In his teaching, he joins histories and theories of race, Indigeneity, culture, and U.S. empire; Black and Indigenous political thought; and natural resource governance.

Scholarship/Creative Work

Book Manuscript

Verdant Empire: Race and Rural Economies of Containment, invited by Duke University Press (Expected submission Fall 2023).

Refereed Journal Articles and Review Essays

“‘So God Made a Farmer’: The US Agrarian Imaginary and the Lived Assemblages of Settlement and Empire.” Comparative American Studies: An International Journal 16, no. 1–2 (2019): 1–23.

“Modern Liberalism and its Fictions.” Book review of Lisa Lowe’s The Intimacies of Four Continents. Qui Parle, no. 1–2 (2016): 207–20.

Policy Analyses and Reports

Ayazi, Hossein and Elsadig Elsheikh. “Climate Refugees: The Climate Crisis and Rights Denied.” Berkeley: Othering & Belonging Institute, 2019.

Elsheikh, Elsadig and Hossein Ayazi. “The Era of Corporate Consolidation and the End of Competition.” Berkeley: Othering & Belonging Institute, 2018.

Elsheikh, Elsadig and Hossein Ayazi. “Moving Targets: An Analysis of Global Forced Migration.” Berkeley: Othering & Belonging Institute, 2017.

Powell, John A., Elsadig Elsheikh, and Hossein Ayazi. “The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Corporations Before People and Democracy.” Berkeley: Othering & Belonging Institute, 2016.

Ayazi, Hossein and Elsadig Elsheikh. “The U.S. Farm Bill: Corporate Power and Structural Racialization in the United States Food System.” Berkeley: Othering & Belonging Institute, 2015.